The Legend of Grey Tail

Now gather ‘round boys and girls to hear the tail of the greatest heroes of our age, Grey Tail. Now we all can agree that he was the most skilled warrior that this age has ever seen, all who have claimed to witness him in battle marvel at his grace and how he practically seemed to dance the deadliest of dances around the battle field often times laughing as he cut down enemy after enemy, constantly trying to find his equal in battle. While his skills in battle were unparalleled, the thing that he was perhaps most famous for was his unusual cloak. It was the cloak that gave him the name of “Grey Tail” made from the finest of silk and enchanted by the highest order of mages, it would stream out behind looking like the tail of a dire wolf as he charged into battle. This cloak protected him from harm both from weapons and the elements, blade, arrow, fire and ice all seemed to bounce off of him. And more than one foolish thief or envious warrior tried to steal the cloak when they thought he was sleeping or was somehow wounded only to come to an untimely end.

The interesting thing about Grey Tail is that no one really knows who or what he is. You see all major races seem to claim him as their own. For example, the elves swear he was a ranger that was somehow separated from his party while on patrol. Some say that the woods wanted to claim him as her own to teach him more the even the wisest of his kind could. What is generally agreed upon is that he found solace while in the woods far greater than he had ever experienced while living with his own clan. The elders say he roamed the woods protecting all of elf-kind and any others in his woods from harm. In fact, they believed it so strongly there is a secret clearing deep within these very woods which they have named Ki Sar’m Cylyrn which means Grey Tail’s Hollow. Some claim that if you are pure of heart and posses no fear, on certain nights Grey Tail himself will appear in his hollow to pass on his wisdom of the wilds and how to protect those that dwell with in.
Now the Dwarves, being the proud and boastful lot they can be, of course claim Grey Tail as their own. The elders of these proud and noble clans claim that he descended from a long line of some of the most accomplished smiths their race had ever seen and much to his parent’s disappointment, he was nowhere near as accomplished at forge and anvil as his brothers and even some of his sister were but when he picked up a weapon it immediately became an extension of him. So skilled did he become in the art of combat that none could best him in battle. In fact, he became so proficient in the use of weapons and tactics that often no one would be willing to fight him in the clan tournaments. According to legend goes onto say that after easily defeating the few opponents that dared to face him during an annual tournament Grey Tail exclaimed “I’m gonna go find me some true competition and I ain’t gonna return until I do!” and abruptly left without even collecting his winnings. The story goes that his fame continued to grow until there was not a single person in all of the land that did not know of the fierce dwarven warrior. Eventually bored with tournaments and not being able to find his equal in battle he retired to the Misty Mountains. Some say that if the wind is right you can still hear him up there fighting entire goblin tribes single handed, still trying to find his equal.

Of course if both the Elves and the Dwarves are going to claim something, man being the prideful and jealous creature he is must also claim it and Grey Tail is no exception. If you can find a village elder to tell you the tale it would probably go something like this…
Grey Tail, of course that would not have been his birth name, was born into a family of brave warriors and adventurers. So of course it was assumed that he would have an adventuring spirit and the call of the road in his heart. Not to mention he would be hand with a sword as well. From the very moment he hefted his first practice blade his family could tell there was something different about him. Something far beyond what they could have envisioned for their son. He would easily master weapons and techniques more quickly than even the best of the grandmasters. In fact, so skilled did he become that at the mere age of 13 he was entered into a tournament against boys twice his age. Now this was no ordinary tournament, this particular tournament was being held by a local grandmaster swordsman to choose his next apprentice. The story of the tournament states that Grey Tail progressed easily through the ranks as opponent after opponent fell to our young hero. Both awe and resentment began to grow as the crowd and contestants alike watched this young warrior dance around his opponents using combinations no one had ever seen before to pick apart his opponents defense and inevitably score the winning point. All that faced him that day fell, with the exception of one. This particular lad was a giant of a boy, in fact some speculate that he was a few years past the maximum age. This warrior used brute force like our hero used skill and talent. Their competition was fierce, swords clanged long into the night until finally exhausted our hero missed a peri and had the winning touch scored against him. Right then and there though he honorably congratulated his opponent, he swore he would never lose a fight again. A promise which legend tells us he was able to keep. Well the grandmaster was so impressed by both of the young warriors he made an unprecedented offer; he would take them both as his apprentice. While our hero was elated, the other boy just could not stand to have his prize shared with someone else. So furious was he that he challenged the sword master to a duel with one condition. If he should be able to score even one point against the master then he must take him as his only apprentice. If he failed, then he was obviously not worthy of the offered apprenticeship and would concede the apprenticeship to our hero. Disappointed, the grandmaster agreed to the duel and its conditions and quickly dispatched the would be champion. However, the grandmaster was not without a heart. To show his admiration of the young warrior’s skill he presented him with the very sword he used in their brief duel. Now this blade was of course no mere piece of steel, it was a fine blade so well balanced and strong that it was virtually fit for a king. With that the grandmaster and his new apprentice, Grey Tail left. Unfortunately Grey Tails years with the grandmaster seemed to be lost in time, one can only assume that our hero’s skills were honed and improved to make him the greatest of warriors because, much like his Dwarven and Elvish counterparts none seemed to be able to match him in battle and eventually he went onto lead a reclusive life protecting travelers and nearby villages from bandits and others with evil in their hearts.

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