The Ravenclaw

District: Crosshall
Summary: An inn for those who want a taste of nature in the city.

Appearance: A low two-story building. The first floor contains Goran's home and office. The second floor boasts a dozen or so rooms, each one featuring a different stuffed monster. Popular rooms include the Owlbear Room, the Dire Badger Room, and the Displacer Beast Room.

Goran recently opened two 'luxury suites'. One features a queen sized mounted in a wooden frame carved to resemble a dragon skull. The other is themed like an adventurer's campsite.

In addition to the inn, Goran offers his services as a taxidermist to adventurers wishing to preserve their kills.

Notable NPCs:
Goran, owner

The Ravenclaw is currently under renovation due to a devastating fire caused by a fire beetle attack.

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