The Triune Knights

Legendary three wood Elf brothers that pledged their allegiance to the first lord of Molvay Keep. They were instrumental in clearing the way for the Stardust Road and defeating the constant orc, kobold and goblin raids on the castle while under construction.

Sir Joban fought in the War of The Spire and did not find the life after the peace had been settled to his liking. When Molvay set out to claim his new fiefdom, Joban rode with him with his new blade Mallal1 at his side.

Sir Alabastis studied under Neredor himself. He would have likely gone far in the Citadel but chose to accompany his brothers on their mission to tame the Borderlands. Alabastis was lifelong friends with the famous bard Gallantine Quillburn. Quillburn presented him with Baunmo2, a wand imbued with bardic magic.

Sir Rennel had settled in at the Monastery of the Mountains when he received a letter from his brother urging him to the Borderlands. He is commonly depicted with flaming hands.

In the end, it was the love of a woman - the same woman - the brothers shared that caused their downfall.Her name was Eluthera. Her human beauty was fleeting but powerful. The knights wooed her, each to be his wife. She refused, though with each refusal she set one brother against the other.

The Triune Knights were buried in a crypt that has long since been lost to the Slugslick Swamp to the south of Molvay Keep.

The brothers were famous enough to make their way into Quillburn's epic poem combining the heroes of the known races.

Words draw first blood
Hands clasped in prayer
Two dead one stroke3

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