Officially known as The Humanoid District of The City. It is only refered to as such by TFs and in proclamations. Everyone else calls it Tieftown.

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A run-down section of town given over to the Humanoids when they attempted to sack the city. The Tieflings sued for peace and guaranteed a cessation of hostiltiies in exchange for giving the Humanoids their own district.

A wall surrounds the district, built by the neighboring Dwarf District during the siege of the Humanoids.

Tieflings have served as the Circleman for this district since its inception.

Doubles as a prison for The City Guard. Repeat offenders are set loose in Tieftown with little to no equipment or money and are expected to fend for themselves. This practice keeps crime down and gives the humanoids something to do.

Important Locations
The Gullet
Hart's Hoof
Important Location3

Astravax, Circleman of Tieftown
King Stink, Goblin Warlord
Kobold War Chief
Ychelle Rayannez, Face for the Six Blade and local magnate

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