Also Known As: The Elven District

Eladrin: 80%
Half-Elf: 10%
Elf: 8%


Summary: Home to the majority of the Eladrin population and the plurality of the Elven population of the City, Treetops takes its name from the enormous Sequoia that make it the tallest of the districts. Despite the famous trees, it is not entirely forested; stone towers and arches litter the ground. With the vertical nature of the structures in the district, three culturally distinct levels have emerged. A large spring emanates from a raised springhouse / water tower and feeds the winding aquaducts that slake a fifth of the City's thirst. As City Guards have no jurisdiction in Treetops, the borough is policed by Justicars.

The lowest is the Park level, the ground and near-ground. Most visitors stay on the Park level and content themselves with what they see there; the less affluent Eladrin and Half-Elves, the district tradeshops, and a those Elves working directly for the manors above them. Prosaic as it is, the Park is still picturesque enough to provide a welcome and verdant contrast to most of the city. It takes its name from the cultivated underbrush and ponds littering the ground; only on the periphery of the district does it have wild underbrush.

The middle level is the Arboreum, home to the oldest and richest Eladrin families in the city. Here the springhouse feeds the great aquaducts and here towers with great arcing bridges made an interwoven world dark wood, bright marble, and clear water. There tend to be few outsiders visiting the Arboreum as other than invited guests, but more than one half-elf has masqueraded as a resident so as to woo in a beautiful setting. Even the most foppish youth of the Arboreum will take the care and protection of their home seriously, stewardship being an important virtue to the Eladrin. The central area of the Arboreum has no public space, but the tightly woven relationships between houses guarantees that any with legitimate purpose may travel freely and any undesirables may be legally ejected, even if passing through.

The Canopy avoids notice; shielded from below by the glory of the Arboreum, only those with reason to go there question or seek the top level. Many lifeling Citizens don't even know it is populated. In it lives the Elven population not serving an Eladrin house or yearning for the wild. Wood and rope structures house the Canopy dwellers, and bringing goods, consumables, and guests up is no small effort, even with ladders and elevators. The means of ascending and descending (unless one is a skilled climber) are almost all toward the edges of the district - those living in the Arboreum find it disconcerting to be suprised by Elves climbing down unexpectedly, especially at night. Compensating for the inconvenience and lack of glamor of living in the Canopy are the spectacular views; the Arboreum is gorgeus from above, one can look at the city from the Canopy's edges and see all, and it is a pleasure to lay in a sea of green and to gaze at the moon and stars.


Important Locations:

Important NPCs:
Aladris XVII, Circleman and direct decendant of the Eladrin war hero. As Treetops is one of the four districts that started separately from the City, the Circleman Aladris is formally titled Lord Mayor and carries the district's ceremonial spear on formal occasions.
Nicolette DeBarge, socialite and scholar. Nicolette is esteemed by the aristocracy for her charm and bluest of blood and by the intelligentsia for her command of history and arcane lore.
Alastair Rearden, wizard and tutor. Rearden has been practicing magic for nearly 250 years, and while he is less hale than in his youth, he still has full command of his mind. Rearden never sought the adventuring life but knows most common rituals and some esoteric ones. He is now mostly retired and lives in the Arboreum, teaching the children of the wealthy and trading useful gossip as he moves from estate to estate.
Koori, Rolon's cousin. A skilled bowyer, he is still teased for ruining a yew sapling at eight when he tried to make his first bow. He is proud to supply the city's Justicars. Fraternal twin to Volon.
Volon, Rolon's cousin. A skilled fletcher, he is the more responsible of the two twins. Distills a potent apple brandy.

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