"The wisdom of the ancients is defeated by the folly of man."

Race: Tiefling

Class(es): Cleric

Known History: Varanth was an influential member of the Five Points. The perception that the Five Points were becoming corrupt caused a rift between Varanth and his son, Firistal. Firistal left Relkahm shortly after becoming a cleric of Ashallahsa. Varanth was cast out from the Five Points when Franj rose to a prominent position in the group of advisers. Varath's faith in his ancestors was shattered and he narrowly escaped Franj's assassins.

Appearance: Varanth wears beggar's robes. The horn on his left side has worn through and just out of the hood. He lives in the sewers that connect Relkahm with Paddyville.

Personality: Varanth was humbled by his experiences and wonders why the ancients have cursed him so.



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