Verna Shadekiss

Give yourself to the darkness now. Do not wait for her to take you.


Race: Duergar

Class(es): Cleric

Known History: A priestess of the goddess Duerga.

Appearance: Shadekiss has been seen primarily in dark, dingy robes. Her long dark hair is wild and, if looked at out of the corner of your eye, seems to move on its own accord.

Personality: Verna's devotion to Duerga informs her decisions.

Motivation: Shadekiss wishes to convert as many dwarves as possible to Duergar. She cares little for Zara'sib'n's plans.

Verna throws more than dwarves in the pit for Duerga.

Verna was once a paladin of Zaghara who ran afoul of duergar.

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