A nation ruled by a congress of spellcasters. the capital of Vizeris is Neredor's Citadel.

The congress is split into two towers - one for warlocks and one for wizards. Proclamations must pass by majority vote to be sent to the viceroy.

Representatives are known as Magistrars. Once a Magistrar has secured the office, they keep it until such time as they die or step down. It is up to the Magistrar to determine the process by which his successor is chosen. Some appoint an apprentice, some hold elections, and others hold wizard's duels.

The Viceroy is a special post, generally given to the eldest member of both houses. The Viceroy breaks ties during votes and can send measures back to the house. If the measure passes the second vote, it is put into law. Otherwise the matter is tabled for a minimum of one year.

The wizard tower is made of ivory.

The warlock tower is made of ebony.

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