I offer that which few others can, Argenta. If Chiron decides to look north, can you afford to trust your lands to wandering adventurers?


Race: Dragonborn

Class(es): Paladin

Known History: Zara'sib'n arrived in the lands of Silver Twilight Keep in a spectacular fashion. He rode Sakathsis, a sand dragon, and landed on the top of Silver twilight Keep. Sakathsis had stayed perched there ever since. He offered his hand in marriage to Argenta as he is of noble blood. He believes his abilities as a tactician and commander will keep Argenta's lands safe from the forces of the Republic of Chiron to the south.

Appearance: Zara'sib'n cuts an imposing figure. When not in his blood red armor, he dresses in fine silks and invokes an air of culture about himself.

Polite and cultured but with a sinister edge to everything he says.

Whatever his true motivations are, the lands of Silver Twilight Keep are in danger should he be successful in his bid to wed Argenta.

Zara'sib'n was sent to deal with the heroes operating out of Molvay Keep.

Zara'sib'n plans to cut a deal with Ma'at'maphoum and let the Republic of Chiron use the lands of Silver Twilight Keep as a staging area for invasion.

Zara'sib'n shares a psychic link with Sakathsis - he sees and hears everything the sand dragon does.

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